February 25, 2009

CHICAGO TEA PARTY PROTEST: This Friday at 11, Daley Plaza.

UPDATE: Also in Tulsa, same day, same time.

Also on Friday, an L.A. Tea Party. 9 a.m., Santa Monica Pier. And in Tempe, Arizona. 11:45 a.m. in Tempe Beach Park. All times local.

Plus, a huge list of events for Friday, from Seattle, to Pittsburgh, to Jackson, Mississippi. See if there’s one in your area.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Roger Simon talks to some Chicago Board of Trade traders about the Tea Party movement.

MORE: Portland, Oregon. 9 a.m. Friday, Pioneer Square. (The reader who sent the link writes, “Don’t mention my name. I work for a newspaper.”) Given Oregon’s proposed 1900% beer tax increase, there ought to be some riled-up people there already.

Also, Sacramento, California.

And Oklahoma City.

Plus, “Fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture!” (Bumped).

STILL MORE: So many of these you can’t keep track. But Some people are trying.

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