February 21, 2009

OVERLAND PARK TAXPAYERS’ PROTEST: UMKC student Amy Ruth Schley sends this report:

Glenn, I imagine that you will get some better quality pictures than these, but I wanted to share mine.

First, it was cold, though not anything special around here. Hence, the whole family came out to play!

The mom was channeling Monty Python while the little girl’s sign read “Freedom of Speech for Conservatives too!”

Some families had thematic signs. Others went past repeating movie lines to modifying them.

Most took on the idea of the pork laden bill with humor. (No Moore Pork.jpg and Shovel Ready.jpg) The other side of the pig on a stick read “Save the Pigs!”

And then there were those who kept it simple. (Yes Nyet.jpg)

Alas, I foolishly forgot to get a picture of the lady with the hand crafted wooden pitchfork.

Oh, well. Here’s one of Amy’s pics.

UPDATE: David Vickers emails: “There were probably about 400 people that turned out in 25 degree weather this morning to protest the Stimulus Bill at Congressman Dennis Moore’s office. It was excellent. Even a U.S. Mail Truck drove by, honked, and waved in support. If you need pics, I can send.” I’ve asked for some, stay tuned. And wow, that’s a lot more than I’d expected to turn out.

But reader Mike Wilson reports the same: ‘It was cold and windy, but not bitter. I’d guess 400 people showed up, and we were warmed by all the support we got from passing traffic. I’d call it a huge success!”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Don Rieschick writes: “As a KC area resident, I’ve been watching the Kansas City Star’s (our MSM) website this morning for coverage of this protest. So far nothing which is not surprising. They are covering a press conference Claire McCaskill held yesterday touting the stimulus though. Just thought you would like to know.” Not the first time they’ve been scooped by the blogosphere, and won’t be the last.

And here’s a Picasa web album with pictures taken by reader Samuel Mullen as he drove by.

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