February 9, 2009

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Including an appearance by Chris Dodd:

Congress has turned an indulgent eye to these ethical lapses because there are many in Congress who are guilty of the same, or worse. Charles Rangel, New York Democrat, remains chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee despite his failure to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income, and – according to a report issued Wednesday – repeatedly failing to comply with congressional financial disclosure rules. Sen. Chris Dodd (Democrat, Countrywide Mortgage) remains as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee despite having received a sweetheart loan from one of the worst of the subprime mortgage villains.

Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, Rahm Emanuel has apartment problems:

Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel earned headlines this week upon word that his “renting” of the basement in scarily-spectacled Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT)’s Capitol Hill abode is illegal. Delauro tried to clear up the matter, telling the press that Emanuel’s been staying there for free. Scandal averted? Nope: “Free” is actually worse than “renting,” thanks to the Obama administration’s new and improved ethics rules regarding acceptance of private gifts from personal friends in high places. Delauro’s hub, a Democratic pollster, owns the house. Whoops!

Does a car come with it? Is it taxable?

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