January 14, 2009

MIKE MCNALLY on Prince Harry and manufactured outrage. Every age has its pieties, which may not be assailed — because they secure the power of the powerful.

It’s also worth noting that some of the self-appointed spokesmen who lined up to lambast Harry for his remarks are throwing stones from inside the glass houses of extremism. The BBC’s round up of reactions to the prince’s remarks, for example, includes quotes from the musician and “activist” Aki Nawas, who called for Harry to be thrown out of the army. This is the same Aki Nawas who, a couple of years back, released an album glorifying suicide bombers (the lyrics to one song practically constitute a bomb-making manual), praising Osama bin Laden (he also likens the al-Qaeda leader to Guevara, which actually makes perfect sense to me but upset some commentators on the left), and attacking the “immorality” of the West.

Read the whole thing.

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