January 6, 2009

NETBOOK UPDATE: I stopped at Circuit City to pick up some stuff today and tried out some netbooks. The Acer Inspire was nice, and so was the little Lenovo, but the best keyboard by far — better than my Asus, too — was on the HP Mini 1035. Meanwhile, they’re discussing netbooks over at the Volokh place.

UPDATE: Will Collier writes:

I don’t think I’ve seen you mention the MSI Wind netbook… my dad gave me one for Christmas this year, and thanks to the helpful folks at the msiwind.net forums, I was able to load it up with Mac OS X almost immediately. I’m extremely happy with this $300 little wonder. The screen is brilliant and very easy to read, and the Atom processor is plenty snappy for standard tasks. Only complaints I have are the 3-cell battery, which runs out way too quickly (I have a larger one ordered), and the comma, period and slash keys, which are just a bit too small and too close together.

Oh, and the fact that you have to manually turn on the Wifi card the first time you use it (with a keystroke combination). I’m one of those people who thinks instructions are for quitters, and I was convinced for a week my Wind was defective when the wireless connection just wouldn’t work. My wife is still snickering at me…

I haven’t seen a Wind, but they’re supposed to be nice.

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