August 29, 2006

A HIT-AND-RUN SPREE in San Francisco:

As many as 14 people were injured this afternoon by a motorist who drove around San Francisco running them down before he was arrested, authorities said.

Seven of those injured were in critical condition, police and firefighters said.

Authorities have identified the man who was arrested as Omeed Aziz Popal, who has addresses in Ceres (Stanislaus County) and Fremont.

We need car-control. But anybody can buy one of those things, without even a background check or a waiting period. (Via LGF).

UPDATE: A terrorist attack? It does seem a bit reminiscent of the “Jeep jihadi.” Well, to look on the bright side, better crashing cars into people than planes into buildings, I guess.

MORE: Gateway Pundit has a roundup. Reportedly, three other people have been taken in for questioning.

And Bill Quick warns people not to get carried away with speculation in advance of the data. Good advice, as always — especially since, as Dan Riehl notes, Popal seems to have had traffic-court problems before.

Meanwhile, a few readers say that we do require licenses for cars. Not exactly. As Dave Kopel notes, licensing for cars is much, much looser than the regulation surrounding guns. People who think otherwise are mistaken.

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