March 31, 2006

PHOTOS LIKE THESE aren’t likely to stir sympathy for illegal immigrants.

UPDATE: Reader John Borell emails:

Do you know what is disturbing about that web site? At first I assumed it was something like what Little Green Footballs shows — the absurdity of one side’s argument. Not until the end did I realize that the site was done by a proponent of the movement — those photos are a source of pride!

My goodness, this issue cries out for some cooling down. I have no problem with an immigrant having ethnic pride. Mine did (Irish, English, German and Italian. Espeically the Italians). But ethnic pride, watered down through the successive generations is a far cry from a demand to deport all Europeans.

I fear, though, that this issue is going to get uglier. The extremes on both sides are doing our great country a disservice.

Yes. And here’s an interesting question: Why so little immigration protest in South Florida?

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