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February 24, 2006

STEPHEN GREEN HAS POSTED more pictures from the Danish Embassy rally, which has also gotten coverage, and photos, at Wonkette.

And reader Patrick Rockefeller sends the photo at bottom below, which I liked, along with this report: “It was a decent sized crowd full of good people of divergent political persuasions who came together to support the Danes in their fight against violence and the reign of fear. Celebrity attendees included Chris Hitchens (the organizer), Bill Kristol, Andrew Sullivan and Clifford May. It’s nice to see we can still stack a roster for the defense of civilization.”

UPDATE: Two video clips are now posted at Vital Perspective.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Corsair has a report and many more photos.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Ian Schwartz has video of Christopher Hitchens speaking at the Embassy rally.

MORE: Mark Tapscott posts a full report.

So does James Joyner. And there’s more, including more photos (one of which is just below) here, from CrossingWallStreet.com. Andrew Sullivan has more photos, too.

And here are further reports from Grim and from the Washington, DC correspondent for David’s Medienkritik. I’m wearing a Medienkritik t-shirt right now! Finally, John Tabin notes that marchers came from as far as California.




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