August 31, 2005

A BAD REVIEW for New Orleans’ Mayor Nagin:

During the last interview with the Mayor – I did not hear one word of ANY plan for the people who can not drive to get out of New Orleans. I assume there are some on the ground plans, but they certainly are not being adequately communicated to the press,

And just now a WDSU reporter is reporting seeing kids, as young as six and seven year old – on their own – with all their belongings in a plastic bag – begging drivers to take them out of the city. And when his news team left on the one bridge still open, there saw a line of the very old and the very young – people in wheel chairs – even more incredible – people being pushed on hospital gurneys – fleeing for their lives over the last bridge out of New Orleans.

The same reporter also gave an account of the gangs roaming and terrorizing the city.

We should all be asking – after all this time – why have buses and trucks not been commandeered to get the poor out of the city?

Why are the residents of New Orleans not being told HOW to get out of the city instead of just being told that they must get out of the city?

I’ve been wondering about this myself. The City’s response has seemed too-late and too-weak from the beginning.

UPDATE: FreeWillBlog: “I’m not ready to jump on Nagin just yet.”

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