August 2, 2005

HMM. MAYBE BUSH IS AS SMART AS SOME PEOPLE SAY: Just read this report from the non-Bush-suck-up New York Times:

Now that he is finally going to the United Nations as ambassador, John R. Bolton is supposed to “provide clear American leadership for reform” there, President Bush said Monday. But American officials say much of their reform agenda at the United Nations has been accomplished during the months while Mr. Bolton’s nomination languished.

Most of the reforms sought by the United States are well on their way to completion,” said a senior administration official, speaking anonymously to avoid undercutting the rationale for the Bolton appointment. Another said that because so much had been achieved, there was little concern that Mr. Bolton’s combative personality would jeopardize the agenda.

It’s as if there was some sort of cunning plan all along. Nah, couldn’t be.

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