July 29, 2005


Kabuli, who blogs in English as Afghan Lord under a pseudonym in order to protect himself, has received numerous threats posted to his blog from the same IP address which belongs – shockingly – to the BBC. One of them, which Kabuli emailed to Global Voices, asks: “Do you think I do not know you?” Then it continues on to threaten: “There were a number of people like you, who did not remain alive. They were all buried in graves. You have to be taken off from this land so that better human beings could take your place. For, you are dirty.”

I’m not shocked at all.

UPDATE: The BBC’s response can be found here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: David Ferrer emails that we should give the BBC the benefit of the doubt here, as email, etc., is easy to fake. He should know, having been the victim of something similar himself.

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