April 25, 2005

MY EARLIER FITNESS POST produced a fair amount of email, including requests for workout tips.

I don’t have anything especially great — like a lot of what I do, my fitness could fairly be described as “not bad — for a law professor” — except that, as with everything else, only maybe moreso, eighty percent of it is just showing up. It’s much more important that you work out regularly than that you pick any particular workout.

I’ve been doing a lot of balance-and-stability type work lately (one-legged squats, squats on a half-ball, etc.) which works all the little stabilizer muscles and which has done wonders for my computer-related aches and pains. I also find that doing any exercise regularly for too long tends to produce diminishing returns and increasing aches and pains, so I’m big on variety.

But I’m no Tom Bell when it comes to exercise. But then, neither is this guy!

Old posts on this subject here and here. Meanwhile, Tom Maguire reflects on svelteness.

UPDATE: I should say that I do have one of these, and find it very useful in ensuring that I don’t get slack on the aerobic exercise.

UPDATE: A reader writes: “What manner of fool writes to a law professor for tips on fitness? With all of the other resources on the web, they write you for advice on how to blast their abs?”

Yeah, go figure. If they were smart, they’d write Tom Bell!

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