February 28, 2005

HEY, MATTHEW: Want some Egypt-blogging? Try over here!

But actually I hope that a lot of people on the left read Matthew’s post, for this:

Yes, it’s but a tentative step and things could still all work out poorly, but still, this is a pretty unambiguous success for Bush’s second term freedom kick. It’s also a stunning refutation of those of us who argued that he’d never follow through on his lofty rhetoric. Give the man some props.

And not just to poke fun, but it’s actually important that props be given. Bush has, historically, gotten a lot of praise for his lofty rhetoric. He’s also been rather diffident about actually doing something about it. But he decided to go do something. Test the waters, so to speak. If doing the right thing winds up just being met with stony silence, then there’s little reason to think it’ll be the start of a trend. But it should start a trend….

It certainly should.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The above didn’t appear until just now — I saved it earlier, but then had a bit of a server hiccup, or something. Meanwhile, Viet Pundit is complaining that the lefty blogs aren’t paying enough attention to Lebanon.

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