February 26, 2005

DEMOCRACY-SPREADING UPDATE: Here’s a report, with photos, from a Free Lebanon protest in Canada.

And here’s a Kyrgyzistan pre-election roundup. Observation: “One of the most counterproductive ways of reporting the story of the election would be to cast the affair as two cleanly defined sides fighting for power. On the one side there would be the local and foreign NGOs working together, allied with Western governments and protected by OSCE observers. On the other would be the CIS bodies, the Kyrgyz government, and its allies all working in concert. Sounds nice, but that’s not how it actually works.”

Meanwhile, David Warren says there’s a new wave going on. Read this, too.

UPDATE: From Ezra Levant: “There was a ‘free Syria’ rally on Parliament Hill. Still waiting for the CBC to give these folks a minute of airtime.”

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