January 30, 2005

I MENTIONED IT EARLIER, but Steve Stirling’s comment-Fiskings over at Democratic Underground deserve their own post:

“All the media keeps talking about is how happy the Iraqis are, how high turnout was, and how “freedom” has spread to Iraq.”

— that’s because Iraqis, like other people, want a democracy.

You know, like the Germans and Japanese, countries that are also democratic thanks to American military occupation.

In those cases, conquest and occupation were undertaken during the great Democratic administration of FDR, who understood that American power was the world’s main force for good.

My father-in-law, a working stiff, lifelong Democrat, and BAR gunner in the 2nd Infantry who fought all the way from Normandy to Bohemia in WWII, also understood this.

Plenty of Democrats do — Joe Liebermann, for example.

A little examination of history would show you that occupation by the US is the best thing that can happen to a badly governed country; contrast and compare North (mass famine with 2,000,000 dead) Korea and South (obeisity problem) Korea, if you want an example.

al-Zawqari, leader of the Iraqi “resistance” (he’s a Jordanian, btw.) has made plain that he doesn’t like democracy.

Quote “We have declared fierce war on this evil concept of democracy”, unquote. He’s also declared that the Shia majority of Iraq are “idolators and apostates” who deserve to die.

Nice guy.

Now, here’s a question: are you for the people who want votes and democracy, or for the fascists?

“I had to turn off CNN because they kept focusing on the so-called “voters” and barely mentioned the resistance movements at all.”

— the one trying to kill the people who want to vote and chose their own government? The one that’s declared “fierce war” on democracy, and said they want to kill anyone who votes?

Fortunately, their threats turned out to be mostly empty.

“Where are the freedom fighters today? Are their voices silenced because some American puppets cast a few ballots?”

— 8,000,000 ballots. Turns out most Iraqis are… “American puppets?”

“I can’t believe the Iraqis are buying into this “democracy” bullshit.”

— sorry, fellah, down here on Planet Reality, most people want democracy. Including Arabs.

“Maybe they’re afraid and felt they had to vote. That’s the only way I can explain it to myself.”

— since they were threatened with death if they _did_ vote, there’s a bit of a contradiction there.

In fact, they put on their festive clothes and in many cases danced to the polls, elevating their fingers to defy the “insurgents” who’d threatened to kill anyone whose finger was marked with the ink showing they’d voted.

“Becuase if it’s not–and if the Iraq vote is seen as a success that spread “freedom”–the world is screwed.”

— let’s see… the world is screwed if democracy spreads among the theocrats, kleptocrats, and general tyrants characteristic of the Middle East.

Run that one by me again?

Now let’s sponsor elections in Saudi Arabia. I would just love to see the Saudi princelings in exile, clipping their coupons and complaining about how the Americans betrayed them.

“they only increase the fight and take down those who betrayed their country today by voting in this fraud election.”

— you want to kill off 8,000,000 Iraqis? Awesome, dude.

We Democrats obviously have some work to do before we can expect to win any national elections. I think I’ll toodle on over to “The New Republic” and see what the sensible people are saying.

Nice to know that somebody’s making good points over there. He has a bunch of posts (start at the top and search “joatsimeon” on the page to read them all — better hurry before the moderators take them down!) Maybe there’s hope for the Democrats yet, if Steve’s still in there swinging.

I would buy one of his books in gratitude, but I already own ’em all!

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