December 29, 2004

STEVE STURM says that the Washington Post is trying too hard to find an anti-Bush angle on the Tsunami story, with this piece by John F. Harris and Robin Wright.

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty has more on this:

What a lame story. The only on-the-record anti-Bush quotes come from Gelb, Abramowitz, who uses very careful words; and Wes Clark, who is not even quoted directly in his criticism of Bush. Instead, we are told Clark “urged Bush to take a higher profile.”

There is also a “senior career official” quoted anonymously. Anybody want to guess this senior career official was hoping to be working under a President Kerry come January? . . .

Notice all the dogs who didn’t bark – no Harry Reid, no Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Albright, Kennedy. No one who actually has to face the voters is taking this moment to criticize the president. And the argument is pretty lame – “Never mind all these concrete actions to help the victims, the president hasn’t cried in front of the cameras to show he cares.”

And yet the Big Media guys call bloggers “ankle-biters?”

More here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Terrye Hugentober emails:

I saw your post about the WaPo’s article going after Bush’ lack of sensitvity and I agree with you. I rarely wrtie a letter to the editor, but I did on this.

Tens of thousands of people are dead, millions more have lost everything and all these idiots can do is bitch about whether or not Bush is “sensitive”. Silly unserious people.


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