December 5, 2021

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: Ron Klain cannot gaslight Biden’s way to reelection.

We are used to White Houses of all political stripes lying to us, but the lies the Biden administration tells are betrayed by everyone’s eyes, ears, and pocketbooks. It doesn’t matter how great Klain boasts our (artificially) tight labor market when we all know service is getting slower, worse, and more expensive.

Biden can bleat about how “transitory” this inflation is, but can you believe that when your paycheck covers less and less of your regular budget? The average person spends the majority of that budget on food, transportation, and housing — the three things exploding in price right now. Not only are those things we experience and ascertain as fact, but these are things that directly infuriate us.

At some point, maybe Klain and company will realize lying to voters about how great things are is a losing strategy. But by then, it may no longer be their government to control.

The article is focused on Team Biden trashing the economy, and doesn’t even mention the other big reason for Brandon’s sagging poll numbers: Americans give Biden low marks on Afghanistan pullout: Reuters/Ipsos poll.

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