November 25, 2021

A FRIEND WRITES, “MAN, RUY TEIXEIRA HAS BEEN REDPILLED.” Ruy Teixeira: Democrats Can Reach More Working Class Voters: But They’ll Have to Ditch the Woke Stuff.

The woke stuff is wildly unpopular, even among most Democrats. It appeals mostly to the credentialed froth at the top of the party, and their wannabes. But those are the people running the party now.

Times are tough for the historic party of the working class. The divorce between Democrats and the working class just continues to grow. Despite a slight improvement, Democrats still lost white working class (noncollege) voters in 2020 by 26 points (Catalist two party vote). Since 2012, nonwhite working class voters have shifted away from the Democrats by 18 points, with a particularly sharp shift in the last election and particularly among Hispanics.

In the recent Virginia gubernatorial election, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe lost working class voters overall by 7 points, with large swings against the Democrats among the overwhelmingly working class Hispanic population (the same basic pattern can be seen in the New Jersey election results).

Recent generic Congressional ballot results show Democrats’ working class support as the mirror image of their college graduate support—strongly negative among working class voters, strongly positive among college graduate voters. But there are way more working class voters than college graduate voters.

It’s not a good look for the party of the working class to be losing so much working class support that it’s no longer, well, the party of the working class. But of course it goes way beyond the look to the realities of electoral performance and political power. Put simply, there’s just no way Democrats can maintain a consistent hold on political power with this level of working class support. And if there’s no consistent hold on power, the economic and social transformation they claim to be promoting cannot happen.

Well, good, because the transformation they want is somewhere between stupid and evil.

Flashback: Dems are losing the multiracial working class on basic lifestyle issues.

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