November 24, 2021

BIG, STUPID GOVERNMENT: ‘Strained’ hospitals? Blame government.

We keep hearing about “strain on our hospitals” sounding “alarm bells” because they are “nearing capacity” — because COVID-19. By instituting “temporary” indoor mask orders, we will “ease the burden” on hospitals.

Yes, COVID-19 hospitalizations are a contributing factor. However, things like the “elective procedures” backlog — singlehandedly created by government — are by far the biggest drivers.

Early Monday morning, my dad had a long-anticipated double-knee replacement surgery. While his recovery will be a long haul, the surgery itself went well and he will expertly tackle the physical therapy. My father is one of a growing number of Coloradans who are getting important medical treatment before the end of the year — often previously delayed by government edict.

As with numerous states last year, Colorado put the kibosh on most “elective procedures” to limit hospital visits. These weren’t just cosmetic surgeries; they included cancer screenings, cardiovascular procedures, orthopedic surgeries, and many more that help with pain, prevent long-term medical issues and improve quality of life.

Let’s be real: Unelected public health bureaucrats and Gov. Polis forced countless Coloradans to delay critical medical procedures. Now, in recent months, patients have been going in. The hospital backlog is finally being exposed.

The Law of Unintended Consequences always gets the last, bitter laugh.

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