November 24, 2021

HE IS WRONG:  Post-Truth World – Rittenhouse Case Edition.

I mean, it’s absolutely right that the left just makes things up. Where Professor Jacobson is wrong (words I never thought I’d type) is in thinking this is new, or recent. I’ve been studying this for a long time, and the left has always been post truth. Examine anything that we “know” in the last century, since mass-communication became concentrated and the left seized it almost uniformly (At least since FDR, so almost 100 years) and talk to people who were there, or read personal accounts of the time.  The unified narrative that fed from newspapers/tv/entertainment/art to the history books was Marxist-cult-narrative, with absolutely no relation to the truth.

It’s just most people never knew it. Not if they weren’t present at the event.

What we are watching now is that post-truth world breaking apart, at the big megaphone of mass-media loses monopoly.

Yes, things are going to get ugly. Yes, the leftist narrative is ever more divorced from the truth, because they sense they’re losing and they shout louder and louder.

However: remember this is what it looks like when they’re losing. They are not the majority. Heck, I doubt — looking at what they had to do to fraud themselves into power — they’re a plurality.

Be not afraid and keep on fighting.  Remember how these totalitarian models die: first very slowly, then all of a sudden.

It’s going to be rough, but in the end we win, they lose.

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