November 23, 2021

BUILD BACK BRANDON: Biden Energy Sec. Granholm admits she does not know U.S. oil consumption rate when pressed by reporter.

To be fair, the title of “energy secretary” is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to Granholm:

Nightmare Fuel: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm sings the praises of banning gasoline in music video that should’ve been left in the ground. “It’s like they don’t understand the clothes, the shoes, the sunglasses the, the synthetic fibers are all derived from oil. And the electric [sic] used to power the camera the editing machine etc all from oil.”

● “Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughs when asked about Biden’s plans to bring gas prices down. ‘Ha ha ha. That is hilarious!’”

Biden’s Energy Sec. Suggests Climate Change Caused Florida Building Collapse.

Granholm’s Green Energy Millions. “On Wednesday, Granholm confirmed she earned a $1.6 million profit on her shares of Proterra amid a firestorm over her financial ties to an electric vehicle company repeatedly promoted by the Biden administration. In selling off her shares, Granholm was able to defer paying capital gains taxes on the $1.6 million sale because cabinet officials are not penalized with the tax on assets they are required to sell as a condition of joining the administration. The Biden administration is seeking to raise the capital gains tax on America’s wealthiest families.”

Granholm Taunts Americans Facing Lines at Pump Due to Attack.

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