November 22, 2021

UNEXPECTEDLY: Get ready to forget the Waukesha attack.

It least five people were killed and more than forty were injured on Sunday night when a driver plowed his SUV into attendees of the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The driver has been identified in news reports as Darrell Edward Brooks Jr.

The horrific attack immediately made national news because of the death toll and brutal nature of the crime. Videos surfaced online showing the driver veering towards members of the parade and narrowly missing many others. Sunday’s incident appeared eerily similar to the 2016 Berlin terror attack, where an ISIS member killed twelve people by ramming his truck through a Christmas market.

However it seems probable that Waukesha will be memory-holed by the agenda-driven media because Brooks was a black man and, according to his social media, an anti-white supporter of Black Lives Matter. This doesn’t comport with the leftist media’s demonization of white men, whose alleged privilege and toxicity are the biggest threat to America.

I don’t claim to know that Brooks was motivated by his anti-white hatred, but I do find it suspicious that the media was so eager to rule out terrorism. In fact, CNN, CBS and other outlets were reporting on an alternative motive before they had even publicly identified a suspect. The explanation they have offered as to why Brooks drove into a crowd of hundreds of people would make even the lowest IQ individual scratch their head.

Apparently, Brooks was fleeing another crime scene (“possibly a knife fight”) when he ran into the parade. It makes perfect sense, you see, when evading possible arrest to drive to a highly populated area with a heavier police presence and swerve into innocent civilians.

No one with two brain cells would think that this makes any sense, but mainstream outlets are breathlessly repeating it without offering an ounce of skepticism. Will this turn into another Las Vegas shooting? It’s been five years since that mass murder event and we still don’t have a satisfactory answer as to why Stephen Paddock would kill dozens of country concert attendees.

Rod Dreher notes that Brooks “was not fleeing a knife fight, as earlier speculation had it. He was not being chased by police. Why did he do it? Why did he drive his car on purpose into a crowd of people at a Christmas parade? We don’t yet know. But we do know from his social media postings that Darrell ‘MathBoi Fly’ Brooks really hated white people:” Click over for what is apparently Brooks’ social media postings. Dreher adds:

Again, this is all circumstantial. We can’t say what motivated Brooks to drive into that crowd of people. Was it anger over the Rittenhouse verdict? We will see. This will become clear in time, I think. But watch, listen, and read carefully to how the media report this unfolding story. A suspect with a record of posting anti-white hatred online plows his SUV into a crowd of what appears to be white people. There might well be no connection between his racial animus and what he did in Waukesha. But we all know perfectly well that if the races were reversed, we would be in media Armageddon now.

Based on the media’s response, you’d believe that a Google or Tesla self-driving car rammed through the Waukesha Christmas parade.

UPDATE: Was the Waukesha Killer a Stoner? “Cannabis use is an often overlooked commonality among mass murderers and other violent offenders — one that the British journalist Peter Hitchens has warned about for some time. ‘No, not every marijuana smoker goes out and kills. So what?’ Hitchens wrote in a piece for the Daily Mail, discussing the U.K.’s growing knife-crime problem. ‘Not every boozer gets into fights, or commits rape, or kills people with drunken driving. Not every cigarette smoker gets cancer or heart disease. But we act against these things because of the significant minority who do cause or experience these tragic outcomes.’”

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