November 17, 2021

HMM: This DUI video of Gaige Grosskreutz is pretty interesting.

It’s pretty clear if you watch the clip that the officer is convinced Jacob Marshall is lying about the drinking to protect his friend Gaige Grosskreutz. He’s lying even though there’s pretty compelling evidence that Grosskreutz has been drinking. In fact, a blood draw would eventually find he was nearly three times over the legal limit. Put simply, Grosskreutz was blotto drunk that night but Jacob Marshall is lying to the officer’s face and saying they weren’t drinking to protect his friend.

Why is that significant? Because Marshall met with Grosskreutz in the hospital the morning after the shooting. He posted a photo of the two of them on social media along with some comments saying Grosskreutz’ one regret was that he hadn’t emptied his gun into Kyle Rittenhouse when he had the chance. But when questioned about that on the stand, Marshall claimed he’d made it all up.

Reliable fellows that the prosecution has staked its case on.

Plus: “He was eventually charged for this however, the DA dropped the charges less than a week before he testified in the Rittenhouse trial.” Well, it’s bad to have a witness who’s charged with DUI. So drop the charges!

Video at the link.

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