September 30, 2004

STEPHEN GREEN will be liveblogging the debate. He’s already warming up.

UPDATE: Shape of Days will be liveblogging, too, and will be hosting the Bush campaign’s instant-fact-checking RSS feed. As far as I know, the Kerry campaign doesn’t have one of those.

And here’s a gigantic list of other livebloggers.

UPDATE: Capt. Ed will be liveblogging, too. The Northern Alliance guys will be gang-live-blogging (live-gang-blogging — no, that sounds like something Wonkette would make off-color comments about. . . .). And there will be group-chatting (Wonkette again!) over at The Command Post.

Bill Hobbs has an open comment thread, (he’s “enriching his marriage” — I’d be doing that too, and the heck with blogging, if I had babysitting available tonight. . . .) and Begging to Differ will be on the job. And there’s combined blog-and-chat action at The Patriot Paradox. And don’t forget Oliver Willis — though he really ought to be on TV.

The folks at The Corner are liveblogging, too.

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