September 29, 2004

ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT VOTER FRAUD, and lots of Bush supporters have been emailing me stories and anecdotes in support of the notion that the Democrats will be “emptying the cemeteries” to ensure that there are plenty of dead people voting for Kerry.

I’ve tended to scoff at these reports — a certain amount of fraud is inevitable, and there are all sorts of reasons for people to make a big deal of the prospects in advance. (Though for a contrary argument, read this.) But having driven by the cemetery pictured at right, I’m beginning to wonder if the dead-people-for-Kerry vote might not be bigger than I thought. . . .

UPDATE: Several readers think I’m underplaying the importance of voter fraud, and one notes that John Fund has a new book out on voter fraud. (More here: “the level of suspicion has grown so dramatically that it threatens to undermine our political system.”) I’m all for positive voter ID, secure voting technologies, and so on. I just hope that the election isn’t close enough for this to matter.

Anyway, Bill Hobbs is all over this topic if you’re interested.

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