September 28, 2004

OKAY, I DON’T BLOG ABOUT HEALTHCARE as much as some people seem to want me to. (I’ve got a post on malpractice reform that’s simmering, but it’s not quite tasty enough to serve up yet.)

But the blogosphere is a big place, and that means that if you want people to blog on healthcare, you can let the people who actually know things about healthcare do the blogging. For that, you might want to visit Grand Rounds, a sort of “Carnival of the Caregivers” featuring blog posts from a wide variety of medical professionals.

This is scheduled to be a weekly feature, and if they’ll send me the links, I’ll post ’em. That’s my role here, apparently. . . .

UPDATE: Clayton Cramer is blogging about healthcare, too.

And Sally Pipes and Bejamin Zycher wonder why the press pays attention to doctors when they talk about economics, not medicine.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More healthcare blogging from Lorie Byrd: “I am probably the perfect target for John Kerry’s pitch for a new approach to health care. . . . Since I am currently working nights and weekends solely because we are currently unable to get health coverage any other way, I would love to see some innovative alternatives to the current system.”

No doubt her post will receive a lot of Big Media attention.

MORE: Arnold Kling has an interesting piece on health insurance. Plus, thoughts on “faith-based healthcare.” (No, it’s not Christian Science.)

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