September 26, 2004

TODD ZYWICKI: “A David Broder column in today’s Washington Post mourns the decline of journalistic standards and emphasis on accuracy in the modern media business. Given Broder’s track record of sloppiness and bending the truth to score his own political points, however, his complaints seem somewhat misplaced.” Unlike Broder, Zywicki provides specific examples and support for his statements.

Meanwhile, Nick Gillespie observes:

Despite the flurry of exposed journalistic fakes (a decade-long flurry, if one throws in the usual suspects, including Ruth Shalit, Stephen Glass, Mike Barnicle, blah blah blah, along with Jayson Blair, the USA Today guy, the recent Rather boo boo, etc.), there’s little reason to believe that mainstream journalism is any more corrupt than it ever was. Indeed, the only thing that has probably changed is that it’s easier to get caught, which should be a good thing in anybody’s book.

Except, apparently, Broder’s.

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