October 29, 2021

HOW DESPERATE IS THE MCAULIFFE CAMPAIGN? “This desperate: earlier today a group of Democrats lined up in front of a Glenn Youngkin bus holding tikis, as part of an effort to tie Youngkin to Donald Trump/Charlottesville/white supremacy. Terry McAuliffe’s Communications Director said the men’s presence was ‘disgusting and disqualifying.’ But no one was fooled, and she later deleted the tweet. . . . The escapade dominated Twitter today. It quickly developed that one of the ‘white supremacists’ was the Financial Director of the Young Virginia Democrats. . . . The McAuliffe campaign is now backpedaling furiously, denying any responsibility. But this incident shows that McAuliffe is desperate. His internal polling must be awful, consistent with publicly-reported polls that show Youngkin pulling away. In his desperation, McAuliffe apparently has resorted to one of the lowest, and least successful, smears on record.”

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