October 27, 2021

IT’S COME TO THIS: State Department Issues First Gender-Neutral Passport.

In keeping with the Biden administration’s newly announced gender inclusivity strategy, the State Department has printed its first gender-neutral passport, marked with an “X” designation.

The State department confirmed the news Wednesday, although the identity of the person to whom the passport was issued was not revealed. The U.S. special diplomatic envoy for LGBTQ rights, Jessica Stern, told the Associated Press that the new option for the document reflects the “lived reality” that increasingly more people identify with a gender different than the one they were assigned at birth.

“When a person obtains identity documents that reflect their true identity, they live with greater dignity and respect,” Stern said.

It’s Dave Chappelle’s world; we’re just living in it.

Or as Jim Treacher writes: You Can’t Say a Man Isn’t a Woman, Because Science Is Bad Now. “You’re not allowed to say Rachel Levine is a man, even though she is. It doesn’t matter what biology says. Jack Dorsey loves science, except when it’s not trendy. So obey the rules, and quit asking what the rules are. Don’t say the wrong thing, which can change at any moment and for any reason. As Titania McGrath puts it: ‘If all opinions that I disagree with were made illegal, fascism would be over.’”

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