October 26, 2021


Inequality is something that has persisted since the dawn of man and will always be a part of society. The only way to have “equality”, is for every single person to be the same with the same thoughts, same desires, and same outcomes. The only way to get to that utopia goes through the tip of the spear. We know that is totally unattainable.

Instead of equality, what we should be focusing on is “opportunity”. People need to be enabled to give themselves a chance. How many stories are out there in the naked city about some immigrant coming to America and building a better life for themselves and their family? Millions of them. I am sure you might have met them in your life. I have.

Climate change is a big bugaboo of mine. No innovation is going to change the climate. All the solutions I have seen for climate change do not work unless forced by an edict or are heavily subsidized by a government.

Until the climate fanatics take a hard look and embrace nuclear, nothing will happen. Besides, it’s going to take communist China to change their ways and they ain’t changing until the government there falls. The climate people are fanatics and they aren’t that different from fanatical cults we have seen throughout history.

Innovation lifts up lives and creates great outcomes when there is an atmosphere that embraces freedom of choice. Climate totalitarians always serve up solutions that take away choice. The climate totalitarians always serve up solutions that make energy more expensive, which will break the backs of the poor and middle class. Hey, that will increase inequality come to think of it not decrease it.

To be fair, that’s the goal. Every policy coming out of our awful political class is actually about entrenching the power of our awful political class.

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