October 25, 2021

HAND-ME-DOWN TRAUMA: “‘My running monologue isn’t unique to me. Countless women across the country — maybe across the globe — experience a similar monologue. It results from a shared trauma, and it’s got a name: Patriarchy Stress Disorder, or PSD…PSD is the idea that the mental, physical, and emotional impact of gender inequality is a trauma that impacts woman and builds over time, and over generations.’ It is, we’re assured, a ‘collective intergenerational trauma,’ and ‘genetically transmitted,’ ‘passed down in our genes’ – albeit in ways left entirely mysterious. ‘PSD can impact anyone, including nonbinary people and men. Still, few people have heard of patriarchy stress disorder…’ You see, you haven’t heard of it, this new and modish ailment, for which no convincing definition is offered, beyond unspecified ‘systems of inequality’ and repeating the word patriarchy many, many times.”

It’s David Thompson, so fight the patriarchy by reading the whole thing.

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