October 24, 2021

VIRGINIA CLOWN SHOW UPDATE: Insane Summer 2019 Response From Terry McAuliffe on Ralph Northam Blackface Scandal Resurfaces.

Maximum. Cringe. I am not exaggerating in the slightest. Watch:

* * * * * * * *

I wrote yesterday about how even if Terry McAuliffe bought a new cringe-meter to replace the one that already exploded, the new one likely would have exploded by now, too. Well, I think it’s safe to say that it has indeed exploded.

I don’t know who dug up this video (likely Youngkin’s campaign) but in my opinion, the release of it was brilliant and perfectly timed. This potentially could be the next pivotal point in this race and further turn the tide against McAuliffe.

Though black voters in the state, for the most part, appear to have forgiven Northam and have moved on, seeing McAuliffe so casually dismissive of Northam’s most shameful moment as his state’s CEO and then proclaim that there were no racism issues in Syracuse when he was growing up when we know that’s not true could have the effect of rubbing just enough black voters the wrong way. This could prove catastrophic for McAuliffe considering this race is coming down to the wire.

Will McAuliffe be asked about his comments by local reporters? If so, will he stomp off in a huff as he did earlier this week when he cut an interview short because he thought the reporter “should have asked better questions”?

While McAuliffe is defending governors who dress in blackface and say that parents have no role in their kids’ education, Barack Obama, campaigning for him, is his usual tone-deaf self: Obama tells Virginians we don’t have time for ‘trumped up culture wars’ and ‘fake outrage.’

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