October 24, 2021

JACK DUNPHY: Progressive Overlords Relish the Opportunity to Purge First Responders Who Refuse to Bow the Knee.

In the Covid pandemic, our progressive overlords have found their crisis that will allow them to cast off significant numbers of these conservative and nettlesome first responders, those who, for various reasons, decline to be vaccinated against the virus. In Chicago, for example, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, as feckless a person as ever bore the title, is threatening to terminate any police officer or firefighter who doesn’t roll up his sleeve for the jab, and several members of both departments have already been put on “no-pay” status for their failure to submit. Police officers and firefighters in Los Angeles, whose mayor is surpassed in incompetence only by Lightfoot, are facing a similar threat, though their deadline has been extended to December.

In the state of Washington, some first responders have already been shown the door for refusing the vaccine, with one now-former state trooper expressing his opinion of Governor Jay Inslee in his final radio broadcast. Robert LaMay, a 22-year veteran of the Washington State Patrol, filmed himself as he signed off on his last shift. “I wish I could say more,” he said over the radio, “but this is it, so state 10-34, this is the last time you’ll hear me in a state patrol car. And Jay Inslee can kiss my a–.”

Sad to say, but surely Governor Inslee is happy to see him go. Better to have a smaller force, he would argue, composed of reliable sycophants than one laced with insurrectionists so obstreperous as to imagine they should decide what medicines they should take. And in Chicago and Los Angeles, it seems the mayors would sooner accept the bloodshed that would surely follow the decimation of their police and fire departments than the continued employment of people who refuse to be brought to heel.

There is hope for Chicago policemen who want to keep working, however: No vaccine, no problem: Indiana recruits Chicago cops upset by COVID mandates.

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