September 10, 2004

POWERLINE NOTES that the Kerry campaign is playing the Creedence Clearwater song Fortunate Son, as a subtle dig at George W. Bush’s National Guard service. (Okay, it’s not that subtle.)

It’s a great song. But, of course, the song was written by John Fogerty, who served stateside in the Reserves:

John went to college but in 66 Uncle Sam knocked, Doug and John became reservists in the Coast Guard and Army respectively. John married and had a child.

Or as Salon reports it:

Fogerty, who until two years earlier was serving once a month in the Army Reserve, wrote “Fortunate Son” in 20 minutes, sitting on the edge of a bed with a legal pad in his lap. “It’s a confrontation between me and Richard Nixon,” he once said.

(Emphasis added.) Does the Kerry Campaign think that John Fogerty betrayed his country by not serving in Vietnam? (Mary Anne Marsh transcript here).

Call me crazy, but I think that a better song for this campaign would be the lesser-known single by John’s brother Tom, entitled Goodbye Media Man:

You spread your paranoia all over this land
Creating situations you don’t understand
If I could get next to you & turn you around
At place that we all could share & get on the ground

But that’s just me.

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