October 20, 2021

HMMM: Translating Netflix CEO’s Shooting Down of Every Demand LGBT Employees are Making.

Sarandos was then asked if he’s willing to adopt a list of demands he’s going to receive from transgender employees. His response was very middle of the road, but beneath it was a lack of guarantee:

Going forward, I want to make sure that everyone understands that we are deeply committed to supporting artistic freedom with the creators who work at Netflix. We’re deeply committed to increase representation on screen and behind the camera, and we’ll always learn and improve on how to address these challenges as they arrive.

In other words, “I want more people to feel like they can make content for us to attract a variety of people to our platform so I’m probably not going to cave to many, if any, of these demands, some of which will undoubtedly be a demand to limit what kind of content can be on Netflix.”

Sarandos was told that his employees want a disclaimer to be put up ahead of Chappelle’s special in lieu of it being taken down. His response:

The content is age restricted already for language, and Dave himself gives a very explicit warning at the beginning of the show, so I don’t think it would be appropriate in this case.

Translation: “If you’re not a child then you should be able to work out for yourself if you want to view this content or not.”

Meanwhile, the small group of Netflix employees protesting Chappelle end up overreaching, smashing the sign of a counter-protester that read “We Like Dave” and “Jokes Are Funny!” and looking ridiculous in the process:

Jokes really are funny. And chanting “jokes are funny” in the middle of progressive activists rending their garments over a few minutes from a Dave Chappelle routine is a funny joke. Or half-joke.

The guy with the glasses got under the crowd’s skin so much that one demonstrator grabbed his “Jokes Are Funny” sign and smashed it — and then accused him of having a “weapon” when the broken signpost was handed back to him. (Speech is violence!) That’s the woke id laid bare, but the guy with the sign didn’t let it faze him. Instead he couldn’t keep a straight face at the absurdity of protesters trying to drown him out as he yelled things like “I like Dave!” They came off looking ridiculous at seeming so threatened by him, which I’m sure was what he was going for when he showed up.

“‘There is no humor in Islam,’ Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini famously remarked. ‘There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.’”

The Ayatollah Khomeini had nothing on today’s woke crowd.

More here: Transgender Netflix Rally Leader Targets Dave Chappelle with Racist Taunt: ‘I’m Here to Talk to His Master.’

UPDATE: Speaking of the woke left not having a sense of humor, Twitter loses yet another fun account, the DPRK News parody:


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