October 19, 2021

JIM TREACHER: Muslim Stabs Politician, Online Trolls Blamed. Never let a crisis go to waste:

Yes, if you don’t want your colleague to have died in vain, you’d better exploit his shocking murder to push for censorious legislation that would’ve done absolutely nothing to prevent it. Surely, that’s what he would’ve wanted.

In the euphemistic parlance of the day, Ali has been “known to police” for years. There were warning signs that he might do something like this. But somehow it’s the fault of anonymous people online? I don’t see how that’s supposed to make sense even to a British person.

You need to scroll down to paragraph 12 of that Guardian story to even find Ali’s name. He’s the guy who stabbed someone to death! But he’s a member of a protected class, so that’s what they’re gonna do: protect him.

It’s no different than the Pulse nightclub massacre, where a guy named Omar Mateen expressly gave authorities his motive — loyalty to ISIS and revenge for the death of some other terrorist scumbag — yet libs insisted he murdered 49 people because of homophobia. That may or may not have been one element of his lunacy, but it wasn’t the motive for his murder spree. All Islamic terrorists are homophobes, but not all homophobes are Islamic terrorists.

Online trolls didn’t murder David Amess. Ali Harbi Ali murdered David Amess. Start with him.

Related: Normal People ‘Boycott Israel’ posters are ‘vandalism.’

[Transport for London] has said it will remove any ‘boycott Israel’ posters found on its network immediately after reports of pro-BDS posters found at bus stops.

The reported images mocked-up Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel ‘Normal People’ to read: “Normal People Boycott Israel,” with one appearing to be at a bus stop in Vauxhall.

Originally, the advertising agency, JCDeacaux, responsible for the billboard at the bus stop, suggested on Twitter in a now-deleted post that the posters could be photoshopped.

Oh, to be in England. No word yet if London Mayor Sadiq Khan agrees with such messaging:

Though his reaction to Amess’s murder versus George Floyd’s demise is telling.

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