October 13, 2021

NEW CIVILITY WATCH: Bernie Bros vow to make Sen. Sinema’s life ‘unpleasant’ starting today.

Our Revolution was founded by Sanders in 2016 to continue pressing for more radical, socialist change. As you may recall, the so-called Bernie Bros have a reputation for being a bit unhinged and viscous [sic—Ed]. Last January the NY Times reported some Democrats had hired private security because of them.

Some progressive activists who declined to back Mr. Sanders have begun traveling with private security after incurring online harassment. Several well-known feminist writers said they had received death threats. A state party chairwoman changed her phone number. A Portland lawyer saw her business rating tumble on an online review site after tussling with Sanders supporters on Twitter…

“Politics is a contact sport,” said Bakari Sellers, a former South Carolina State legislator who supported Ms. Harris in the Democratic primary. “But you have to be very cognizant when you say anything critical of Bernie online. You might have to put your phone down. There’s going to be a blowback, and it could be sexist, racist and vile.”

Sexist, racist and vile is a hell of a reputation for a group of far left activists. Things got so heated that last February, Sen. Warren called out the Bernie Bros and said she was particularly troubled by their treatment of “women in leadership.”

To be fair, that’s nowhere near as heated as an interaction with a Bernie Bro can get.

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