August 30, 2004

JAMES MORROW WRITES that it’s 1972 all over again.

But not exactly. Because in 1972, at a rock-and-roll event, Democrats wouldn’t have been booed. (You can see video here.)

Ann Althouse writes: “You could conclude that it’s a shame that these young people today don’t care about politics, but that’s not the impression I got. I think it’s politically savvy to reject an attempt to usurp a music party for a political purpose. It’s a solid political opinion to believe that politics don’t belong everywhere.”

UPDATE: This CNN story claims that it was the Bush daughters who were being booed, but the reader who sent it says that they didn’t come on until afterward. I didn’t see it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The above CNN report is contradicted by . . . this from CNN. And reader Chris Greer reports: “I watched the awards show last night, the crowd started booing when the Kerry daughters started speaking and continued booing while the Bush daughters made their statements. Basically, the crowd did not want any political agendas pushed during the award show.” The personal isn’t political, I guess.

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