September 25, 2021

“JUST SAY NEIGH:” Biden Finally Recognizes America’s Biggest Threat: Horses. “There was no whip, there were no whips, but whatever. Details, details. The important thing is that this proves America is racist. Mere facts are no match for the all-holy narrative. Ten thousand illegal immigrants packed under a bridge for weeks in 100-degree heat because Joe Biden expressly invited them into this country? That’s not a story. But white guys in cowboy hats on horses chasing black people? Now that’s a story! That’s something liberals can understand. It’s the only thing they ever want to talk about. They want to pretend we’re still back in the days of slavery, and the U.S. Border Patrol just served up the perfect images to fit that narrative.”

Why, it’s as if: Journo Twitter runs the Biden administration.


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