September 24, 2021

TO BE FAIR, MOST OF THEIR EFFORTS ARE DUBIOUS, WHEN THEY BOTHER TO MAKE ONE AT ALL: The Biden administration’s dubious effort to solve the “Havana Syndrome” mystery. “What I’m thinking now, after reading the whole article, is that ‘to address the issue’ did not mean to discover the cause of the syndrome, but to get those affected by it to accept that they would never receive an answer.”

Well, that’s pretty typical of these people.

Plus, from the comments: “To have our two most bumbling and corrupt agencies- State and the FBI- handling the investigation is to know it is being buried. The FBI- fresh off of their ignoring the sexual attacks on our women’s athletes, fresh off of the showing that they perpetrated and made the Russia Collusion case happen, initiating a soft coup, and fresh off of inserting their own people to ‘kidnap’ Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and stage last weekend’s Jan. 6 ‘protest, are considered by many people today, to be the equivalent of a corrupt Keystone Cop organization. Bumbling and crooked. Not exactly who you would want to head up an investigation of missing ice cream, let alone these attacks. We truly need a house cleaning, starting with State and the FBI.” True.

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