September 18, 2021

JIM TREACHER: It’s the Same Vaccine, No Matter Who’s President.

Joy Reid is a shameless hypocrite. She keeps screaming about people who are hesitant about a vaccine, which she was also hesitant about until she wasn’t.

Reid has been trying to defend herself, but unfortunately for her, she has to rely on the logic and rhetorical skills of Joy Reid:

Yeah, here’s the thing about that: IT’S LITERALLY THE SAME VACCINE. It didn’t magically transform from a bad vaccine to a good vaccine, or vice versa, just because we elected a new president. There’s not a “Trump vaccine” and a “Biden vaccine.” It’s literally the same stuff! It’s the same physical matter residing in the same universe. The only thing that’s different now is a few misfiring neurons in the brains of partisan morons like Joy Reid.

This is the woman who managed to keep her awful MSNBC show after claiming that some homophobic posts on her old blog, which she wrote before anybody even knew who she was, were planted there by a hacker. That’s right, some hacker got into a time machine, went back to 2010, and tried to ruin Joy Reid’s career by making it look like she hates gay people. She’s always loved science fiction.

More here: Reid Lies About Ben Shapiro, Insists It Was Good to Be Anti-Vax Under Trump.

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