September 17, 2021

THE CAYMAN COMPASS EDITORIALIZES: It’s time to take the reopening leap.

We’ve heard the phrase “guided by the science” over and over during the past 18 months, which is why government’s decision to “pause” Cayman’s border reopening plan makes little sense. It’s a decision we believe was based on fear rather than logic; one that will have dire consequences for all of Cayman. . . .

It would be sad and tragic if Cayman were to open its borders and we were hit with a dozen or so deaths from COVID among the unvaccinated – something other small island territories have experienced.

But the elevated risk is something that many of those who insist they will not get the jab, say they are prepared to take.

In the same way that we don’t ban cars because some people drive without seatbelts, we can’t continue to close the island off to the world because of COVID-19.

The vast majority of people in the Cayman Islands have willingly accepted and respected enormous limitations on their own freedoms during the pandemic.

The right to travel, the right to a family life, the right to make a living are all fundamental entitlements that continue to be impacted. It is time for those rights to be restored.

Most of Cayman’s tax revenue comes from banking and insurance, and of course that’s where most of the rich people’s money comes from too. Most of the employment, though, is in tourism. That’s been basically destroyed, to the point where one major dive operator just relocated to Turks & Caicos.

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