September 16, 2021

POLITICO: The Jennifer Rubin <–> WH symbiosis.

West Wing Playbook first reached out to Rubin on March 31 to see if she’d be willing to participate in an interview about the Biden administration and White House aides’ frequent promotion of her columns. She didn’t respond last spring and then declined to comment in response to an Aug. 22 email.

On Thursday, we reached back out with our reporting. Rubin responded in an email with the subject line “OFF THE RECORD.” Since we never agreed to conduct such an off-the-record conversation, we are publishing it below in full:

How utterly predictable that Politico would run the zillionth hit piece on a prominent woman, especially one candid in her critiques of Politico’s hysterical, clickbait style of coverage. The notion that I am polarizing in a newsroom (as opposed to any of the dozens of other opinion writers) is a “take” only Politico could come up with — by of course running around to ask the question in the first place. I trust the Post’s superb news side folks spend zero time thinking about me (as is entirely appropriate). My only surprise is that Sam [Stein, POLITICO’s White House editor], a very good journalist, would become enmeshed in such an obviously misogynistic publication. Surely there are finer publications that would have him.

And btw, what a low class move to do this on Yom Kippur at the last moment.

Exit quote: “Chief of Staff Ron Klain has retweeted or @ mentioned Rubin more than three dozen times since mid-May. The White House press team, the Democratic National Committee, the State Department, and the vice president’s office have all promoted various columns and tweets from her in recent weeks. That’s because Rubin usually backs up the administration.”

Come for the incredible love-story of @JRubinBlogger and the Biden White House. Stay for the outrageous crazy lady email she sent attacking Politico for writing about it,” the GOP’s Matt Whitlock tweets.

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