September 16, 2021

GET WOKE, GO BROKE– PART DEUX: I never blame someone for having a really stupid idea. I do blame a room full of executives who say “Yeah! Let’s do it!”

Without further ado, I present to you the latest and greatest attempt to monetize “social justice” and its invariable meltdown: “CBS Backtracks On ‘The Activist’ After A Backlash, Including From One Of Its Hosts.” My favorite part:

“Besides the fact that there will be millions of dollars spent on hair, makeup, travel, celebrity hosts and judges, production, distribution that could have gone to the activists and organizations that will be featured, this is deeply dangerous,” said Brittany Packnett Cunningham, an anti-police-violence activist whose organization, Campaign Zero, has helped shape police-reform efforts around the U.S., speaking on MSNBC.”

My second favorite part:

“This extends a societal belief about what a good activist looks like: someone who is ready for prime time, someone who fits a particular archetype and is great on social media and is perfectly marketable,” Cunningham said.”


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