September 16, 2021

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Kevin Downey Jr: Despite Despotic Measures, COVID Deaths Much Higher One Year Later. “It might be time for our elected leaders to admit what is becoming obvious: They have no idea what they are doing when it comes to COVID. The lockdown appears to have been unnecessary, even devastating.”

Matt Margolis: Why Did the California Recall Fail? “In November 2020, President Trump received over six million votes in California, while only just under 3.3 million voters voted to remove Newsom. Had every person who voted for Trump voted to recall Newsom, Larry Elder would have been elected governor of California on Tuesday.”

Yours Truly: This Is the Real Tragedy of Imaginary Genders. “How is a person supposed to become intimate — I mean emotionally intimate — when their entire identity is wrapped up in imaginary buzzwords and takes genuine offense at anyone who doesn’t somehow ‘get’ them?”

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