September 9, 2021

TODAY’S MEDIA PUZZLER: When isn’t it racist for a protester in gorilla mask to throw eggs at black candidate?

Answer: When the black candidate is a Republican, and the protester is a progressive. Had the affiliations been the other way around in this encounter caught on video, the media would have feasted on it for weeks, and reporters would have demanded answers for it from every GOP candidate for office.

However, since it happened to my friend and Salem Radio colleague Larry Elder while walking through progressive Los Angeles, the media instead reported it as a “hostile confrontation.” Watch the video and judge for yourselves. The egg attack comes from the right side of the screen:

* * * * * * * *

Now imagine if this had happened to a black Democrat touring a suburban district or the Central Valley. Would ABC and the LA Times retreat to passive voice in that instance? Would the New York Times bury it in the 14th paragraph of an election round-up? Nonsense. It would be headline news in every national news outlet, and people would be screaming at prosecutors to charge the woman with a hate crime.

* * * * * * * *

Ed Morrissey concludes, “Addendum: Well put:”

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