August 25, 2021

BIDEN SPOX REPORTING SERIOUS CASES OF SCROTAL-TORSION: White House to media: We want our props on Afghanistan.

In the span of a week, the White House went from struggling to explain a rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan to beating its chest.

Top Biden officials and administration allies have begun aggressively touting the success of their evacuation efforts in the war-torn country, offering frequent updates on the number of evacuees. They’ve framed the operation as historic — in line with the Berlin airlift — declared that they’re “over performing” their own metrics, and trumpeted the president as “defying expectations.”

It’s a startling 180 from the defensive crouch Biden and his team occupied just days ago, one that reflects the sense of combativeness that has emerged in the West Wing as they sort through the first major, sustained crisis of the administration. And while it’s sparked accusations that the president’s team is trying to divert attention away from a crisis of its own creation, Biden’s defenders stress that, for now at least, he deserves to crow.

As Jim Treacher writes, “You don’t get to sink the ship and then brag about the number of lifeboats:”

Yeah, it’s the biggest airlift in U.S. history because this is the biggest presidential screwup in U.S. history. This is a disaster of Biden’s own making, and now Psaki is boasting about how frantically they’re scrambling to clean up after Biden’s incompetence.

What good is a government that doesn’t even try to protect its own citizens? For the past 18 months we’ve been scolded and hectored about doing our part to save lives, and now this elderly dunderhead is just abandoning thousands of his own people to the goddamn Taliban. He created this whole situation, and now Americans are going to suffer for it.

Joe Biden did this. He’s the worst president in my lifetime, and I lived through Jimmy Carter. I’m so glad I didn’t vote for him.

But his administration will likely get their “props” from the DNC-MSM, or at a minimum, perhaps a transition away to something that doesn’t harm the narrative: Biden’s Border Crisis Worse than Ever; TV Coverage Drops 96 Percent.

(Classical reference in headline.)

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