August 5, 2021

ROGER KIMBALL: The new McCarthyism.

Are you now or have you ever been a supporter of Donald Trump?

I am wondering when we are going to have Congressional Committees grilling people about such matters. I suppose they could, in homage to a certain senator from Wisconsin, be called the House and Senate American Activities Committee. Nancy and Chuck should preside. They could share some of that expensive chocolate ice cream that the always well-coifed Nancy likes as they root out people who say things they don’t like and vote for people with whom they disagree.

I’m sure they would get a lot of academic support. Just a week or so back, one professor suggested that criticizing St Anthony Fauci or other government officials should be a federal hate crime.

Why not? If you object that such a move would be unconstitutional and therefore against the law, expect to be met with pitying looks. After all, the President of the United States, in flagrant violation of his oath of office, just extended the CDC’s eviction moratorium after it had been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. ‘The bulk of the constitutional scholarship says it’s not likely to pass constitutional muster,’ Biden admitted, but he decided to do it anyway. After all, this whole ‘separation of powers’ fetish is so, well, so 18th-century. We’re better than that now. We know about The Environment. And Systemic Racism. And Masks for the Little People. And the Evils of Donald Trump.

In the meantime: Small-Time Landlords ‘Hanging On by Their Fingernails’ as Eviction Moratorium Drags On.

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