August 5, 2021

JIM TREACHER: California Uber Alles: 2021. Vax fascists will control you:

I’m vaccinated. If you want my opinion, you should get vaccinated. If you don’t want my opinion, you should get vaccinated. The vaccine works. An overwhelming majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths in the summer of 2021 are among the unvaccinated. If you refuse to take the vaccine, you’re a fool. I won’t gloat if you get sick, like the scumbags we rely on for our “news,” but I won’t have any sympathy for you either.

And, also, in addition to that: Nury Martinez and all the people who think like her are fascists. This pandemic is a perfect opportunity for them to seize control of your life. Are you going to let them?

Totalitarianism in the Golden State. If you won’t protect yourself, the state will do it for you. California Uber Alles!

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