August 4, 2021

LYNCH MOB JUSTICE: Mark McCloskey’s “day will come,” threatens Cori Bush after St. Louis couple is pardoned by governor.

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush expressed outrage over Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s pardons of the St. Louis McCloskey couple, who fended off a mob of protesters outside their St. Louis home by bearing firearms before the crowd. Bush, a progressive and Missouri native who represents the state’s 1st Congressional District, threatened Mark McCloskey and promised that “his day will come” because McCloskey “has spat on my name.”

To be fair, McCloskey knew her. And now so do we.

Plus: “Nine members of the Black Lives Matter protest group were given citations for trespassing, but prosecutors have stalled on their cases. The McCloskeys’ attorney said that demonstrators tore down a gate to their private street. Evidence on social media supports the veracity of the McCloskeys’ claims.”

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